Wine goblets are goblets used to drink wine. In modernity they are usually made of some sort of glass.

Different wine goblets will be found in the tableware compliment of different occasions. In a not too nice, not too shabby restaurant, they may be of a simple, mass produced variety, whereas in a more formal establishment or at a family event they may be cut crystal or even freehand blown.

The way to tell between wine and water goblets in a matching set is to look at the size of the pieces. Even though they may share the same design and proportionally perfect silhouette, the wine goblets will be the smaller of the set.

They are made this way not only because of the higher cost of wine relative to water, but also to mark the function of each and to ensure that the eater of the meal has water to drink with their wine.

In Continental Europe, where there is a very strong and old tradition of drinking grape wine, it is customary to serve water whenever wine is served.

Written by Ryan Staub.