Pimp Cups or Crunk Cups are the preferred stemware of the gangster rap community.

These cups are hella iced out and blingin' as a mo'fucka. They can be found in a variety of styles and often include text saying something like "PIMP, KING, PLAYA, BOSS, GANGSTA or DADDY" as a major design element, leaving the viewer to realize, with no uncertainty that the holder is attributed with the all the hella pimpin', crunk ass style of these social archetypes and a down ass mo'fucka not to be trifled with.

The manufacture of Pimp Cups is mostly a matter of using a mold blown glass and blingin' that bitch out with hella ice (plastic rhinestones in common parlance.) Also found are metal pimp cups, these being less common but at least as blingin'.

The benefit of the metal crunk cup is mainly seen when a g is hella faded, and gets caught slippin' or maybe more accurately lets the cup slip, from his hand, hitting the floor and shattering to pieces. With a metal pimp cup, the worst that will happen is the loss of a ice or two, a problem easily resolved with a trip to the local craft store.

Another benefit to the metal pimp cup is that when a faded ass foo is steppin' the real g can lay his punk ass out with the metal pimp cup, creating no worse than a couple battle scars on it or if he's really getting' down on the punk, leave a couple blood stains to further adorn the cup and make clear that he means business!

Conversely the glass pimp cup can also come in handy in a tussle, quickly creating an improvised shank upon first impact with a punk ass foo's dome piece. This improvised shank, while much more deadly than the metal crunk cup, is dramatically more costly, this however is just another day in the life of a real mo'fuckin G.

Written by Ryan Staub.