Blue goblets are a specific type of glass goblet. Specifically, they are blue.

Blue goblets, like other vitreous stemware are made either by pressing glass, spinning it in a centrifuge, machine blown, machine assisted hand blown or freehand blown.

Blue is the most popular color in glass and it is also believed to be the first glass color.

The blue referred to by the term Blue Goblets is cobalt blue. This color happens to be one of the easiest to make in glass due to the abundance of, relative safety and chemical properties of cobalt oxide. These properties have made it available in glass for thousands of years and currently available anywhere glass is made.

The popularity of cobalt blue, when taken with the historical availability of it raises a question about it. Why is cobalt blue so popular? Is it that the color is simply so beautiful, or is it the historical abundance that has conditioned us to like it?

Written by Ryan Staub.