Plastic goblets are goblets made of plastic. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors for many different purposes.

The contemporary trend of using plastic in drinking ware has made its way into the world of stemware. The primary reasons being cost and durability.

Plastic goblets can, to the inattentive observer, appear to be made of glass, however they will not break when dropped or if they do, can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of most glass stemware.

The plastic goblets commercially available are typically injection molded. Some are made in two parts for purposes of packing and shipping and can be easily assembled by the consumer.

Aside from a low cost solution for wine drinking at parties, plastic goblets are often found as a prop for a costume. There are many types and the themes may revolve around varied topics ranging from a farce of royalty to pirates to Halloween.

Written by Ryan Staub.