Water goblets are goblets used to drink water and they are typically made of glass.

These are the kind found in restaurants or mass produced for sale in stores. On special occasion, cut crystal may be used for more formal engagements. Also, for specific events or themes, goblets of other materials such as wood, ceramic or metal may just as well be used to serve water.

Water goblets, when found in a set with wine goblets, will be the larger of the set. Typically, water goblets will have the same lines as the wine goblet but be between 10 and 25 percent larger in all dimensions.

The main reasons for this sizing are, because of the lower cost of water relative to wine, to differentiate between the two and also perform the function of making sure there is enough water to drink with a meal during which wine is imbibed.

The use of a water goblet is a tradition of Continental Europe, where water is supposed to be served with wine.

Written by Ryan Staub.