Medieval Goblets are goblets styled after medieval designs.

They come in many shapes and sizes and are made of many materials. Historical Medieval goblets are antiques and relics of times past, however the name 'Medieval Goblet' is given to many pieces of stemware of contemporary vintage made with medieval or medieval inspired design.

Medieval goblets of antiquity were made from a variety of materials and for a variety of uses both of which reflect the class of their intended user. Wood goblets were common, as wood was a common material for drinking and eating in times of old and despite it mainly being made in more rectangular or tumbler shapes, wooden stemware also was made.

Wood's abundance and it's being a relatively easy material to work with given access to simple metal tools made it accessible to a wide range of people and would have been, as one might guess, mainly for the lower class.

Glass goblets and crystal goblets also were directly connected to one's status based on monetary ability to acquire finer and finer pieces.

Things like dragon stem goblets, cane goblets, and goblets highly embellished with handles and other parts would have been attainable only to the highest classes of normal society and nobility.

Written by Ryan Staub.